Watercress Vietnamese Bistro Palm Springs7/10/2016

Amazing food.  Fresh and healthy. I had the grilled beef wrap.  You have all ingredients and you can built wraps with rice paper or lettece.  Great flavor!  Excellent service.  You feel great after you eat your meal.      -Marilyn, Palm Springs

Watercress Vietnamese Bistro Palm Springs7/9/2016

It’s excellent. Our new fav restaurant. Here’s why we give it 5/5:
1. Good beer and cocktail menu
2. Wide menu variety and includes a big vegetarian selection
3. Portions are just right
4. Excellent service!
5. Try the crepe as an appetizer! So so good. Also the jalapeño cilantro sauce is sick good.
6. Ambiance is relaxed and casual.
We went for lunch but have friends that have raved about the dinner!  Try it out!  -Steph, Palm Springs


Watercress Vietnamese Bistro Palm Springs6/25/2016

I love Vietnamese food and have been on a mission to find a good restaurant. I think my search is over!

We had the fresh rolls with tofu, the best I’ve ever had! A perfect balance of herbs and a finger licking dipping sauce. We shared a watercress salad with grilled beef that was on point..golden fried shallots and peanuts to give it a perfect crunch with a delicious dressing and so fresh. Next was the lemongrass chili chicken. Very good but could’ve had more lemongrass flavor. You have a  choice of rice or herbed mashed sweet potatoes which we choose, so good and different.

The service is very good, quick and knowledgeable. They don’t give you the feeling that they just opened up. They seemed to have already worked out the kinks. Atmosphere is great too. Give it a try and I think you will be glad you did! – Hollis R, Oakland CA

Watercress Vietnamese Bistro Palm Springs7/9/2016

Went for a late lunch and was impressed with the menu.  Items that are not usually found in the other places are prevalent.  This is NOT your basic pho shop and is a genuine Vietnamese restaurant.  Tasty dishes and great service. I will be tasting their pho one of these times. – Don S, Palm Springs

Watercress Vietnamese Bistro Palm Springs7/7/2016
Owner Phong Nguyen is also a fabulous man and an M.D. as well!
Best new restaurant in Palm Springs, and one of the best overall!!!! – Ali G, Palm Springs